My dog is not a pet my dog is family

Otherwise the animals will die or do harm to somebody. He can sit down, give his paw, dance, fetch toys, bark and find hidden things. And some frogs have beautiful voices. Thank you for your work You are my good pupils.

What animal do you like best of all? All these reasons show why I really love my wonderful dog Larry. Is it big or small? Its cold and snowy.

Id like to tell you and I think you are agree with me that our pets must be our friends. Another reason for keeping birds is that cities in eastern countries are overpopulated, so there are not enough parks and squares. Franais (France italiano (Italy polski (Poland currency: United, states, dollar (USD australian.

Dog, my dog is not a pet - my dog is family

English, even when translated. Open your eyes Shake your hands. Does it like toys?

I have a pen friend from Chesterfield. English (United, states deutsche (Germany english (Australia english (United, kingdom espaol (Mxico). I cannot understand how people can live without pets. What is your name?

And what about you. Besides, these animals are rather easy to look after.

The first group P5, P6, P7,. As for me, I love all kinds of domestic animals: cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, rabbits, parrots, etc. When I ask my mum to buy a dog, she says that she doesnt want to turn our flat into the zoo. I like playing with my cat very much.

She is very friendly. In eastern countries cats and dogs are exotic pets.

Some animals come to see you. Do does like your pet? They are good and nice.

If I could choose, Id keep all of these animals in our flat, but my mum and dad are against. T: How are you? Im one of them.