My friend is like to play football

To go jogging: to run around the street Example: I usually go jogging with my mother in the park which is near my house in the early morning or the afternoon. Long words are not supported on word lists, dictionary, examples, pronunciation, i like to play football with my friends( ay layk tuh pley foot - bal wihth may frehndz a phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). Where did you meet? I prefer to spend my Sunday night staying at home to see a match with my father.

Finally, I believe that does not matter that how busy I will be in the future, I will constantly spend a part of my time on football, and my love for football will never be faded. People like to play soccer because they think it is fun. You should say: What is the name of the sport?

Tasks, task 1 - reordering questions, open, task, task 2 - matching opposites, open, task, task 3 - word order game, open, task, record yourself Hi, today I'm going to tell you about my best friend. Downloads Comments Leave a comment and tell us about your best friend. I like Emily because she's clever, funny, kind and we like the same kinds of things. Have you got a best friend, or lots of friends?

Since the rules apply to every player on the field, at least everyone will act responsibly when it comes their time to kick the ball. How do you feel after playing it?

Practice ielts Speaking Part. To keep fit: to stay in a good physical condition Example: I try to keep fit by consuming healthy food and doing exercise regularly. Here is someone talking about her best friend. Me gusta jugar al ftbol con mis amigos I like to play football with my friends, but I've never played on an official gusta jugar al ftbol con mis amigos, pero nunca he jugado en un equipo oficial.

Apart from watching football, I am also into playing. Since I a huge football fan, I have barely missed football matches of my favourite team including away games and home games. Ielts Actual Tests Questions (January - April 2021) with Answers. Band.0 Sample Answer Since I was a little boy, I began to fall for football, and until now I have ever stopped loving the sport.

Copyright Curiosity Media Inc. The goalie will have his eyes on the ball and all of the players on the opposing team, because he knows that he can use his feet, hands and body to block a shot and that shot could come from anywhere on the field.

Ielts Speaking Part. Have you got many friends?

Need large investment of time Example: Playing a sport will need a large investment of time. Sport is an interesting topic in, ielts, speaking, and the frequency of facing the topic in the, ielts speaking test is really high.