Russian dance of the soldiers of the

Dance of the Soldiers Russian dance. From the dance hall came the rich blare of the cornet. The tables had been moved to one.

Me, with my poor little dance to make money for the soldiers. Folk music of the Soviet Union the Soviet Army, Chorus, Band and Dance Ensemble performs a wide variety of Russian dances and songs. I found the original video in DEclips, "Dance of the soldiers".

The song is Narkotik Kal, by Hard Bass School. I own nothing in this video, if there are Ads. I found the original video in TRclips, "Dance of the soldiers".

The song is Narkotik Kal. "Soldier 's dance " performed by the Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army. Well yes, this is the russian army Dancing to Hardbass, i do not own any of these clips i basically found these on, all. The Cossack Cavalry Dance performed by the dance group of the Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble.

Watch in HD Soviet Russian Soldier Jumpstyle/Cossack Dance is not a Crime! This is a video of Soviet Russian soldiers doing.

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Soldiers Dancing Compilation Hace 2 aos If you like my videos and you want to give me the motivation to continue doing so, then support me by buying one of the products. Can not get any more slav than this.

Moiseyev There are a lot. I found the original video in, eSvid, "Dance of the soldiers". Soviet, army, dancing, to, hard, bass, hace 3 aos. Copyright ESvid Video en linea.

Hace 2 aos Part of Naval Suite DAY ON THE ship - yablochko Traditional music Choreography by:. Amazing, russian, military, dancing, hace 9 aos t, you think it's all snow and vodka over there in Russia? Well turns out they have pretty sweet dance moves.

Spetsnaz can dance Hace 5 aos 2 Rosich pasando el rato en la "Militar Race" 2 Rosich hanging out in the "militar race" see more.