Escape the room 5 walkthrough

This when the next door will open. Click the table on the upper left of the main door and put the missing cross to the small metallic box.

Get the axe from the box and use it to open up the barrel on the t the unlocking device in here and then get the other unlocking device by moving the cart. Get the rope youll find there and then click upon the rug in the middle.

Go to the clock on the wall in front and adjust the wall clock according the revealed time indications. Get the key as soon as the box is unlocked. It will reveal a secret pocket with two objects to get collected.

Level 1: Tap on the left corner where the colored waste bin is located. Put the sword upon the skeleton on the left wall and it will release you the keys that is holding. Level 3: Tap upon the clothes rack on the left and further click on the shoes section to get the blue colored small button behind the white trainers. Where youll spot the small leak through the tubes, add the screw.

Tap upon the large metallic object on the right and then put the missing button to its place. Tap on the left statue and collect one of the two pieces of the scissors from the ground. Tap on the barbed wire at the bottom left of the room and use the grillers to cut a small portion of the wire which youll be needing later.

The cart will open the next exit through smashing. Tap on the left top shelf and get a second similar item.

Roll the wheel on the right and a box holding a letter will come out. If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.

Level 17: Get the hammer on the bottom left ground. Get the item and proceed. The clock holding a key inside will open while you must get it to open the next door. After putting the three items inside the hatch of the door, the door will be open.

Light the candle shown on the left and then collect it in your equipment. Add the small note to the table on the left wall and adjust the image so it fits, according to the image below shown: The picture will show a finger which is pointed to the bottom socket. As the closet opens youll be able to spot several colored differently-shaped blocks.

After finding all the necessary items, youll have to combine them in order that your escape will be open for the next room. Tap on the small briefcase on the left and collect the wheel. Tap upon the wooden locked box and match the colors according to the colorful bin basket to open.

If you get stuck, theres always a way to get out so youd better be patient and calm. Solve the puzzle as below explained to open the next drawer and get the key from. This will equip you with a wrapped papyrus. Now get the letter nearby the chair on the ground.