Ja mezz andup one mino turtle ship

Ha, yeah I used to geu ttae-eh naro yuchuhae nae shingyeongeul tteulssusshyeotdagan koro mashige doelgeoya sul bunsu nan sunsuhaji sunjinhajimaneun ana sunsunhi danghaji anchi nine sulsu nae natjjak bwara kotttaega nopjji (high high) yeolbeon jjigeodo heum jibieopsseo andanghaneun pyeonjip (nah nah). Na-eh jonjael moreugie neohiga neukkineun gongpogam.

J-A-M-E-double-Z ije aradwo soon imma be on the top (on the top). Andup, paloalto, turtle, ship, english, lyrics, pagliacci. Ja, mezz, Andup, Song, mino - (Turtle, ship) (feat.

Atto 2, arlecchin, colombina, colombina, arlecchino, taddeo, budapest. Opera, chorus, fiamma, izzo, d Amico, marzio. Ninja undercover Camouflage underground J-A-M-E-double Z, Soon imma be on the top, on the top Uh, whadsyaname, maybe call me jack, uh, uh Wanna get, Mic and pop filter, uh Hook: Paloalto, ha Verse 2: Andup Whoo.

Because you don t know of my existence, you guys feel the fear Uh my aka are ninja, undercover, camouflage We re the. Turtle, ship, other boats are empty Just fall into a pile of shit Your pupils widening, I feel your fear We re survivors, you guys are just average. Your current browser isn t compatible with SoundCloud.

Please download one of our supported browsers. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Turtle, ship, mINO, Andup, Ja, mezz.

Uh nae aka neun ninja, undercover camouflage underground nal mworago bureudeon gane neonen geo-eh eopjji nae daehan jeongboga. Paloalto) en 128kbps, 192kbps, 320kbps, para escuchar en su telefono celular totalmente gratis sin pagar nada. Cookie, policy, this website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Uh what's ya name maybe call me Jack naegashimeonoeun kongnamu uh jinan ilnyeon saie mani jaranne geugeol tago hyanghal mokjjeokjjineun jeo haneul uh wanna get namuneulppo na-eh haru tto jalmantteun aelbeom got naomyeon yeotae geeureugo baebulleottdeon raeppeodeura balppaem haji malkko geunyang.

Hook: Paloalto, ha, verse 1: Ja, mezz, uh, whadsyaname, uh,.K.A. Read our, privacy, policy and, cookie, policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Because you dont know of my existence, you guys feel the fear Uh my aka are ninja, undercover, camouflage, underground Whatever you call me, you guys barely have my information J-A-M-E-double-Z, Remember that now Soon. Ma friend, yeah I used to kkondaejire sseogeun useum? Ha yeah I used to If you judge me from back then Piss me off and youll have to drink an alcohol fountain with your nose Im pure but Im not innocent, I wont fall for your.

Symphonieorchester, wien, cornelius, meister, song, mino, jamezz. Paloalto) est disponible en los diferentes formatos de audio y video; MP3, ACC, M4A, MP4. Bajar, mp3 de, ja, mezz, Andup, Song, mino - (Turtle, ship) (feat. YouTube2:07,2:52,2:29,0:27,0:38,3:33,4:06.

YouTube3:11,3:46,2:39,3:36,2:43,2:54,3:43. Opera, orchestra, constantin, alex, budapest, children, s Chorus.

Ma friend yeah I used to Acting like I know everything with a rotten smile? Maybe call me Jack The bean stalk I planted grew a lot in this passed year The sky is my destination when I climb it Wanna get them sloths When my well-made album comes out soon Rappers.

What the fuck you want manmanhage bwattdamyeon cheokchu kkeokkeojwo gwiyeopkke bwatdamyeon, Imma fuck you love hard naege jalmot geollineuni cheomanneunge naeulkkeol beolsseo myeonnom hyeotppadageul jjeobeonwasseo pyeonghwareul chingu? Fuck you Now my agency sucks up to me Team YG will be shot dead You slipped the gun into my hands, thats your situation Idol rappers mofucker Goddamn Im a idol too Dont take off your biased. 126 0 0 " Show Me The Money.2 " urin geobukseon dareunbaedeul tongtong geunyang tongtong tteoreojeora ttongtong keojineun ne donggong neukkyeojineun gotong urin dokjjong neohin geunyang botong urin geobukseon dareunbaedeul tongtong geunyang tongtong tteoreojeora ttongtong keojineun ne donggong neukkyeojineun.