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She's calling me in the dark. I can tell her eyes don't lie. And your life call me back again.

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The, wanted - Glad You Came (AG JR Radio Remix).

I said, people, we're all looking for love tonight. Found you in a river of pure emotion. The night is getting older, and I can't come off this high.

I wanna put my hands on her hands. The sky confidence like a rock star. I know she feels the same, cause I can see it in her eyes. Remady ft, manu-L, J-Son, Flo, rida, Pitbull,Casely, move, shake, single, ladies 128 kbps.46.

I was so lost until tonight, tonight. Get reckless in the starlight, i'm moving to the beat of her heart. She moves us where the rumor where the lights are black. I don't want this here to end.

I found you, in the pouring rain. Me was so lost until tonight, tonight. Get reckless in the starlight, she's moving to the beat of my heart.

I found you, in the darkest hour. Til I found you, you, you. I found you, my only truth, i found you, on the music player.

Feel the heat from her skin. I found you, when I was all that needs. I was lost til I found you, you, you. She says can we start again.

But sometimes we can't see. We run blind and blind by light.