Ice cube check yo self the message

Intro: Das, eFX, yeah, word is bond, das, eFX in this yaknowhatI'msayin, straight from the sewer, word is bond, we doing this with my nigga. IN, space, when, i Was, young (I, was, cruel).50(MB).

Check, yo, self is the third single from. Ice, cube s third solo album The Predator.

It was released on July 13, 1993 and features New York City rappers Das EFX. Ice, cube, ice, cube. The, afterlife check yo self 03:02.

Check Yo Self is a song performed by Ice Cube featuring Das EFX featured on the radio station Radio Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas. The version of the track featured in the game is the clean radio edit version of the song.

Word is bond, yeah. Verse 1: Ice Cube. You better check yo self before you wreck yo self.

The remix contains two lyrical changes within two different Verse 1: Verse 3 Verse 1: Ice, cube, you better check yo self before you wreck yo self Cause I m bad for your health I come real stealth.

YouTube4:01,3:16,5:06,7:05,4:34,7:56,9:48. YouTube8:54,9:46,6:58,6:12,3:03,4:01,3:44. Das, eFX, ice, cube.

YouTube4:01,3:38,4:17,3:15,4:24,4:32,3:41. ) Mic-mic-microphone check (one, two) Mic-mic-microphone check (Check yo self Cube, Check yo self Cube, check yo self. Check it!) come again check it (Chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self You better chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self I said check yo self before you wrickity-wreck yo self) check, check (Chickity-check. Check it!) Verse 3: Ice Cube If you're foul, you better run a make on that license plate You coulda had a V8 Instead of a tre-eight slug to the cranium (POW!) I got six and I'm aimin'.

'Cause fuck you and that shit you're stressing Bitch get off the wood, you're no good There goes the neighborhood hooker (slut) Go ahead and keep your drawers Giving up the claps and who needs applause. Tove, lo martin, garrix, gravity,. Check it!) come again check it Mic-mic-microphone check (One, two! Check it!) Mic-mic-microphone check (One, two!

) Mic-mic-microphone check (check it, one, two, one, two!) Mic-mic-microphone check (one, two!) Mic-mic-microphone check (check it, one, two!, one, two! Check it!) Verse 2: Ice Cube Tricks wanna step to Cube and then they get played 'Cause they bitchmade pulling out a switchblade That's kinda trifle 'cause that's a knife, ho AK-47, Assault Rifle Hold the fifty, I'm.

Where my nigga, ice, cube in the motherfucker, word is bond, yeah, verse 1: Ice, cube, you better check yo self before you wreck yo self 'Cause I'm bad for your health I come real stealth Dropping. Now your ass screaming for the deputy They send you to Charlie-Baker-Denver row Now they runnin' up in you slow You're gone, used to be the Don Juan (check that shit out) Now your name is just Twan.