Fashion can be bought or made

However, Im not sure what Im getting with no-name labels. I like being the centre of attention sometimes, a friend tells. No Name Necessary By Arfeen Malick Michael Kors, Coach, Juicy Couture, Burberry, Chanel: brand names swirl around in your head. Perhaps those teens buying strictly brand names are looking to their clothes for self-confidence.

But wait a minute, cant I get all those things for free? And if I get great shirts from a particular brand name, I also expect other products by the same brand to be well made.

Perhaps in all this confusion you ignore the price or maybe youre sucked into this brand name world without knowing. Even the banana print blouses would have rocked with jewelled toned cigarette pants and flats.

Theres no point in buying something that you dont like, so if you like the brand name item, go for it! If I walk into a store and see a plain t-shirt for 20 and a popular brand I recognize on sale for 25, Im far more likely to buy the brand because I know that Im buying a good quality product from a reliable company. Right, Ive had enough of this winter crap.

By wearing the hottest t-shirt they try to avoid the awkwardness of fitting in, thinking that their clothes will provide comfort, much like a security blanket. Someone across the room might approach you wondering where you bought that great (code for designer) bag! Once the sun comes out, theyre stuck to my face until snowflakes start to fall!

The thought quickly disintegrates as another trendy label catches your eye. How Miuccia Prada could think that plastering all of this seasons trends (loud bright colours, prints on prints, bright bold loud accessories striped furs) all in one outfit is fashion is truly beyond.

On some levels, i could identify with her vision when creating this collection, even applaud her many references to fashion inspirations like josephine bakers 20s 30s follies, but still, the genius of this spring summer prada look was lost. Easily can be worn with leather leggings or with a black body con skirt and chunky heels on a night out.

Give us Prada back. And now Im not going to lie im pretty sleepy and its.23am So Im not going to tease myself anymore and online window-shop! Well, buying brand names go beyond what the critics say.

If youre one of those people who worship winter and all the repulsive snow and irritable inconviences then id advice you to close this internet page, go outside and head towards a place thatll provide you with therapy to help with your problem. The almost identical (but lacking the right label) 15 t-shirt from the previous store is forgotten along with your budget for today. I can definitely predict that aqua will be the colour thatll bankrupt me this S/S and I completely adore that theyre high waisted as well, nothing would be cuter than throwing a pair of these and tucking in a baggy white vest top. If you break the outfits down, you could actually see some worthy elements could maybe be fashion inspiration.

The big names come with even bigger price tags. While this might be true, do you really want to talk to someone who only approached you because of something you are wearing?

Some also argue that brand names spark conversation. Some suggest that the higher the price the better the quality, but isnt 100 cotton just 100 cotton? Brand names have become a method to display status. You pause for a millisecond and think, Why am I wearing someones logo and advertising for them?

For the last few collections i had pored over every picture, eyes drinking in the ingenious design and colours, laughing when i realised this or that detail id not noticed before. Shot by, steven, meisel featuring young whos who models like, arizona, muse, and yes thats a name. Jackie Burkhart (played by Mila Kunis the fashion-conscious member of the gang on That 70s Show, feels more secure in her brand name clothes. I am sure the rest of Prada clothing fanatics will agree with me when i say that prada has been a perennial cult favourite because it epitomises sleek sophistication, for how the clothes were always subtly opulent.