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Tony Stark: Successfully complete Level 5: "Rebooted, Resuited". Pizza Bike: Defeat Blade in a race beginning in the Financial District. Easy "Really?" achievement Successfully complete the "Nuff Said" side mission obtained at the Marvel Headquarters to get the "Really?" achievement.

All Cheats inside from the first cheatbook January 1998 until today. Easy "Don't I Know You?" achievement Play with a friend in local co-op mode. Wizard: Collect his token on the Baxter Building. Have one player be Captain America and the other be the Human Torch to get the "Don't I Know You?" achievement.

Chitauri Chariot: Unfreeze four citizens who are frozen by Loki in Times Square. Brotherhood (20 points Collect all traditionally evil mutants (Single Player). Thor (Classic Collect his token in the "Bro-tunheim" bonus level. Agent: Collect his token on the Helicarrier.

Magneto Acolyte: Successfully complete Level 13: "Magnetic Personality". Purchase all 150 characters. Beetle: Collect the Beetle token at one block east of the Central Park lake.

H.E.R.B.I.E.: Successfully complete Level 2: "Times Square Off". Note: Human Torch is unlocked by completing the "Red Head Detention" Level 6 mission.

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Billionaire Philanthropist (40 points Collect 1,000,000,000 studs (Single Player). Spider-Man: Successfully complete Level 1: "Sand Central Station".

Rocket Raccoon: Successfully complete the following three missions: Garbage truck northwest of Central Park, just east of the "Feeling Fisky" bonus mission, and three or four blocks south of the east coast. Alternately, enter " J58RSS " as a code.

Doombot: Successfully complete Level 9: "Doctor In The House". Jonah Jameson: Successfully complete the "Tabloid Tidy Up" bonus level. Don't I Know You? Agent Coulson: Successfully complete the "Tabloid Tidy UP" bonus level.

The Britmobile: Successfully complete a Captain Britain quest in the Financial District. (40 points Complete game 100 (Single Player). Next, during gameplay press pause.