What colors do the iphone 5c have

I have searched far and wide on the internet and have tried everything so far pertaining to Hard Reset, Factory Restore, Restore to New Set Up, Reset Network Settings, Reset All Settings, Turning Airplane Mode/Do not Disturb on and off again, etc. The 5S' camera can shoot slo-mo vids - although the specs on m shows a frame rate of 30 fps, the 5S is actually capable of shooting at 120fps when in slo-mo mode.

Toggling it can turn off audio for alerts and ringtones, too. Instead, it's an iPhone 5 with a candy-colored polycarbonate shell. Those are features most people will notice a lot more.

If you want something more advanced under the hood, the iPhone 5S is what you're looking for; if you want a bigger screen, nearly any Android phone will be a better choice. It holds the SIM, or subscriber identity module, card. Better answers use proper spelling and grammar. Jun 13, 2014 Computers Internet 2 Answers How's the new Apple iPhone 5C different from the iPhone 5?

It met every one of our needs, kept up with the competition, and presented a sweet spot of features: fast LTE wireless, a larger 4-inch screen, plenty of performance tweaks, a faster processor, and a really great camera. Dirty speakers can reduce volume and audio quality. I bought a pink.

All the iPhone 5Cs, incidentally, have black fronts. Your answer needs to include more details to help people.

Just like previous iPhones, it's possible to accidentally bottle up all noise by pressing a thumb to the speaker grille while playing a game or watching a movie. Dec 21, 2013 Blue 32gb, really enjoying it but looking to off load it for. Clicking twice brings up the multitasking options and lets you kill apps.

It's a dense device, heavier than the iPhone 5 by nearly an ounce, but it has a comfortable feel - maybe even better than the more hard-angled metal iPhone 5/5S. Don't be surprised if it's a go-to choice for kids, for instance, who may value the color choices (and parents looking to get out of the store for less than 100.) It's the Basic White MacBook of iPhones.

Posted by kate j on Sep 11, 2013, re: What colors does the, apple iPhone 5c come in? I honestly believe it's the ugliest design Apple ever came up with. However, in addition to the iPhone 5S, Apple is also still selling the iPhone 5C - but only in a single 8GB capacity, down from its original 16GB and 32GB models.

It doesn't feel like cheap plastic, though; the smooth, shiny polycarbonate shell around the back feels like a candy lacquer coating. The 5C, from an everyday boot-up, application-loading standpoint, feels similar to the. What do you give up over the 5S? In the US, the 5C is available on all four major carriers: AT T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.