Parse error in application web xml

Normally, you wont need to find a parser. 35 The parser detected the start of a document type declaration after the end of the root element.

6 The parser detected an invalid character in element content. This includes root elements, nesting and a declaration statement. In, java web application development, error handling is required to build user-friendly and secured websites.

16 The parser detected an invalid character in an entity reference name. Go ahead, try it out! 27 The parser detected an invalid character following in a character reference or entity reference. Version was not followed by, or the value was not present or improperly delimited, or the value specified a bad character, or the start and end delimiters didnt match, or the parser detected an invalid character following the version information.

The error I'm seeing is: severe: Parse error in application web.xml file at jndi.

I'm trying to deploy an application on tomcat.0.23 (the web app is all compiled and built and, i've been getting this error in catalina. 31 The encoding declaration value in the XML declaration was missing or incorrect. He started programming with Java in the time of Java.4 and has been falling in love with Java since then. Instead, they should see a friendly page that tells them what happened.

11 The parser detected an invalid character in a processing instruction data segment. 303 The concerned document was too large for the parser to handle.

Java:407) at at at n(JIoEndpoint. Java:928) at at rvice(CoyoteAdapter.

12 A processing instruction target name was xml in any of the cases- lower, upper or toggle. In case of errors occurred, the user doesnt have to see technical error details which they cannot understand.

Mechanism of XML parser: Parsers convert code into something that the hardware will recognize. Consider the following declaration: error-page /error-page error-page /error-page In this case, if an IOException occurred, both the handlers match, but the handler for.Exception is chosen because it is more specific than the one for t if a ServletException occurred. 2 The parser detected an invalid start of a processing instruction, element, comment, or document type declaration outside element content.