Mind the language season 1 episode 3

Brown teach you anything? You didnt tell me that. I didnt think teachers beat children any more. With inevitable collapse of imperialistic bourgeois intellectual society.

Lm sorry, we havent any left. C) My dogs are in the garden. Surinder looked beautiful twenty years ago.

L would like that! L cant remember when l last enjoyed myself so much.

Do you know him? England is becoming more politically minded and gradually more left wing.

Are you really as stupid as you look? L suppose l have. Which will also illustrate increased knowledge of English.

And a coffee for. Choose the right variant:. Ali, nadim came to school straight from his work.

To see through smb. You mightve saved me a great deal of embarrassment with a certain African gentleman.

W is pronounced Weh. Mind, your, language (Season 1, episode 3) ( m/watch?

Ld rather just wander around on my own, if you dont mind. To form a clear picture of smth. L wouldnt want to hear what you didnt like.

Lt has taken you 2 min 38 sec exactly to come to my office immediately. Shes just been in here! She may be the principal but l have a class to teach! Was his name.