If i could just have one wish lyrics

16 Its a pity you are going tonight. 4) Although she felt really nervous , she carried the speech off very well. 10) I wish we were on a cruise ship. 5) I have a puncture.

4 Im sorry I called him a liar. In each of the following sentences, underline the correct tense.

Exercise 2 Answer the following questions by expressing a preference for a different action. 4) A: Where would you go if you had a week off? 10 Id like you to keep quiet.

Poem: If I Could Have, just, one.

I wish I had bought. 5) Nick always forgets to lock the door when he leaves.

34 Im sorry you arent going to a job where you could use your English. 1) A: If you see Alice, can you tell her to return my CD?

Youll be late _ you leave now. I wish you (not say) Sunday. (I said something which made matters much worse.) 26 Ill pay you by cheque monthly.

32 Im sorry I cant swim. 20 You talk as though it (be) a small thing to leave your country for ever. 4) Annie didnt do her homework, so her teacher will get angry with her. 16 Shall I ring you at.m?