Brush the cobwebs out of the sky

"No he says, "People aren'tIt wouldn't be okay." "Yeah Merlin says thoughtfully. What made things important to other people. There's a lot of people dancing, so at first nobody seems to notice.

He doesn't want to look like a desperate high school kid, and he's a little worried that whatever Merlin liked about him while they were drunk in the dark will have worn off. I dunno, school, football practice, kinda the usual. "Tell me more." It's exhilarating, getting to share in the things that make Merlin alight with interest. Merlin throws back his head and laughs, a delighted sound that is swallowed up by the crowd, but that lingers in Arthur's ears as Merlin tugs him closer, his breath warm on Arthur's cheek.

"That had to be hard." His teammates do look perplexed, but Lancelot shrugs and grins, and Leon looks pretty cool with it too. "As long as it's okay. "Yeah, I did." "That's cool, man Leon says.

It feels filthy and wonderful, and Arthur pants into the sensation, his eyes wide as he lets his body move in time with the music and with Merlin's graceful rhythm. "I'm not ready for that stuff anyway. Disinfected, eager to please Radiohead - The Bends Where do we go from here? They've progressed to touching each other a little while ago, and Arthur's just starting to think that he's read enough online articles about giving head to be ready to get some practical experience.

Brush the, cobwebs, out of the, sky.)

"That's awesome she says. "I'll do that he says. You said your dad's a good cook." "He's probably going to give you some sort of talk Arthur says. "Nobody's gonna judge you here.

Soon it's gonna be too cold to be outside." "Oh Arthur says. I like football." "You don't have to Arthur says. Readings, working on a paper, that kind of stuff. He's always felt happy at school before, an athletic and academic star, well liked by all, but Merlin makes him long for something different.

"Yes Merlin says, and takes a sip. All he's really paying attention to is Merlin swaying against him, and Gwen and Morgana are right next to them, looking blissed out and confident, like nothing can touch them except each other. "Tonight, you said?" "Yeah Arthur says.

You are so pretty when youre on your. If this is- how you are, then sure, I don't mind. I- people would hate." "You'd be surprised Merlin says, and as Arthur starts to slow, "This where you live?" "Yeah Arthur says, and drags his feet a little.