Best selling debut album in the us

This debut is dynamic, heavy and so much more. NEW, yORK, NEW, yORK, december 16: Taylor, swift attends the "Cats world, premiere. I understand why Led Zeppelin is ahead of this, but seriously?

A great debut album by a great band. This debut made rock n roll history how is it this low it should be at #1 "runnin'.

I have no album with greater energy levels than this. Should be in at least the top. Led Zeppelin's hard, power driven sound in their first album anchored them a place on rock and rolls history forever, and laid the foundations for metal. Text is available under the, cC, bY-SA.0 license; additional terms may apply.

Should place in the top ten 12 Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine The debut album that introduced the sound of ratm. A must own for music collectors. For me hybrid theory wil always be the best debut album of all time! 4 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Number 4?

Pepper 6 Pearl Jam - Ten Awesome album.; also rated as the best debut album by rolling stones No it was not but I should. A mix of Hard Rock, Punk, Metal, Rap and Funk. MasterPiece 14 Dio - Holy Diver How is it not number 1? Atlantic, recordings, and peaked at #4 on Billboard 200 almost exactly two years after its release.

Child, o mine and, rocket, queen were the album's best, that is 8/12 for me, more songs, i liked in an album Absolute classic, and Guns N' Roses's best album. Metallica is good, but not best-debut-album good. Then the anthemic Jump In The Fire with its awesome riff, then Pulling Teeth, the amazing bass solo by Cliff and has memorable bass licks that will be the best bass work ever! The Fab Fours masterpiece celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2019, and a special reissue helped it rack up unbelievable sales for an album thats already been purchased by so many people throughout the years.

Tis rocks along wiv appetite 4 destruction and hybrid theory The lyrics, man. Metallica is my favourite band but I know a good debut when I hear one and Kill Em All ain't. I wonder how could they write such amazing riffs and solos and songs at such a young age and in the first album. I'd call it better than LZ's debut, and that's tough to beat!

Too many people here are not experienced! That's why Boston is still #1- they play more different chords in 4 measures than some bands have in their entire catalog, and they defined for all time what a proper rock ballad sounds like.

10 with 333,000 copies sold. This, however, is true music. Appetite For Destruction is great album but Hybrid Theory kick ass. Not a single song on appetite for destruction or kill em all even compares with dazed and confused.

This Album is amazing. Lover was the bestselling digital (386,000 copies) and physical (699,000 copies) album as well, which makes sense given how far ahead of every other title. The most hardcore album to debut for a band is definitely Kill Em All.

A true legacy to this album is that songs are still played at sporting events and functions some 35 years later! Linkin Park forever, Guns sucks!