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Design studio apartment 40 square metersis made in the Scandinavian style. They serve only as a backdrop for furniture and decor. In the living room area there are a large number of decorative shelves for books and decor. A special architectural structure has been created in which one wall is made blank, and on the other the bedroom is separated only with the help of vertical wooden slats.

Contents, what is a studio apartment, for the first time, apartments without internal partitions appeared in, european countries at the beginning of the last century as alternative housing for creative people and young people who were not burdened by family. Do you want latest Trends straight to your inbox? The use of contrasting colors in such rooms is justified, it distracts from the small size and imperfections in shape. Ethnic motifs, Provence, Art Nouveau, minimalism and hi-tech are organically combined.

Studio apartment repair can be performed in several ways. To ensure that the design does not look too provincial, it is worth ennoble it with exquisite decor in the style of modern classics. Compact multifunctional furniture with simple geometry was chosen, it does not clutter up the area and, at the same time, allows you to set everything you need for a comfortable life. Niche for a bedroom in a studio apartment The decor is minimal and organically integrated into the design of a studio apartment of 50 square meters.

Modern interior studio apartment of 50 square meters Design studio apartment 50 square meters. An interesting color scheme in which the design of the studio apartment is 25 square meters. I used identical pots and bright emerald greenery, interesting shaped lamps above the kitchen table.

And this despite the fact that the studio is only 25 square meters Bright and modern studio of 20 square meters. It was possible to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and fullness of air, first of all, thanks to the clear geometry of the room. So, in the case of the arrival of guests, a small table can easily be transformed into a dining room for a large company, and a dense curtain reliably isolates the sleeping area.

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Glossy surfaces are combined with soft textiles and natural textures. The snow-white kitchen is decorated with bright color panels that enlivens the design of a studio apartment of 25 square meters. You can decorate the interior of the studio apartment with the help of textiles, decorative wall paintings, unusual window design. This greatly expands the space and corrects its geometry.

Today, studios have gained popularity around the world and have long ceased to be budget housing. The inclusion of wooden elements of neutral colors softens the contrast and makes the interior softer and more sophisticated. The main role was played by the use of wood of the same color as furniture, wall decor and flooring.

The bedroom is separated by a sliding door made of tinted glass, which allows for privacy and, at the same time, maintain a single visual space. Unlike classic one-room apartments of a small area, studios allow you to: on one space to place several functional zones; use the entire area, including by placing transforming furniture or designing a bed literally under the ceiling (when creating two-level. Minimalism and rationality in the design of the studio The interior of a small studio apartment, whose area is only 20 square meters. You can separate the kitchen from the sleeping area in several ways: for example, install sliding glass partitions or zoning the space using multi-level stretch ceilings.

This repetition of the material made the interior of the rectangular studio apartment a whole. The interior of the studio apartment is 20 square meters The interior looks solid and solid thanks to the natural oak flooring used in the living room. Ideally selected laconic furniture and appliances in high-tech style for the kitchen area and modern classics for the living room. A special chamber came in the design of a studio apartment of 40 square meters.

The kitchen area is made in the style of minimalism bright glossy facades complemented by a cherry kitchen apron in a thin metal strip. It is noteworthy that the emphasis in this interior is white, which is often the background. The decor is based on the principle of bright inclusions that bring color and dynamics to the interior.

The kitchen and dining room are a single space, they are separated only by a thin concrete partition, hiding from the guests work in the kitchen. In order not to be mistaken in the calculations and to imagine the future situation as accurately as possible even before the repair of the studio apartment begins, you can use the services of a designer or create a project in 3D format yourself. Light wall decoration, luxurious aged wood floors and glass walls of the bedroom provided a feeling of spaciousness and fullness of air in a relatively small apartment.

Despite the absence of any additional demarcation of the physical demarcation, wall or shelving, the zones look completely separate. This technique allows you to emphasize the integrity of the space and visually increase its volume. Interior design of a studio apartment of 25 square meters The deficit of usable area is best compensated by the selection of multifunctional furniture.