Good youtube challenges to do

Try Cooking a New Recipe In the interest of full disclosure , I am not a good cook. Thats not all of it, If you guys are in a band and need fun things to do to promote your songs, you should take these famous challenges to gain popularity.

You can set a time limit or a score limit. For example, youll ask your friends questions such as your favorite color and then will also answer question about them.

The second one requires the players to use the whole tube of toothpaste as a face mask. And you never know, you might find your new favorite! I would turn off so many alarms and stumble into work a little late and a lot stressed. Hold A Coke Challenge.

The first one requires the players to empty a tube of toothpaste into their mouth. Aim Crossbar Challenge Of Course, this is a challenge invented by the Brazilian Ronaldinho, these times there are several ways to complete this challenge but a basic one you just have to hit the ball against the crossbar. For this challenge you need a big t-shirt. But, add a little fun in the challenge.

Cook-a-meal Challenge Take your friends that know little chapter about cooking. Sometimes I can fit that within my current spending, but often times it means cutting spending in other areas.

Baby Food Challenge This is a huge fun when it comes to amazing challenges to do with friends; it is a very simple eating game. For the cotton bowl challenge, youll need cotton balls, a bowl, a plate, a spoon, and a blindfold.

This is still an awesome challenge, be creative! Well, challenges are pretty fun and viral games you can do with your friends and loved ones without spending much money. This is among the most popular challenges of all time. You can take turns blindfolding each other and give each other simple things and carry out the challenge being blindfolded.

But so is showing up to help at a local nonprofit! In this challenge you get to make a person spin around till they start feeling dizzy. This challenge requires the challengers to cook the same meal using the same recipe.