The tradition of english 5 o'clock

T.: Here are some tearooms of the most famous London hotels. Before the British began to drink tea after dinner, they ate only twice a day. The English really.

This rule came from the fact that the British were afraid to spoil white porcelain cups with strong tea. A) Look into the Handout 1 (a) (for advanced pupils) and try to say what English traditions you know.

English tea is a red tea? C: Use the following expressions for role-playing:. Would you like another cup of tea/piece of cake?

«Five -o -clock» was first used in 1840 by the Duchess of Bedford Anna, the maid of honor of Queen Victoria.

Historians have discovered English translation of travel written by Dutch traveler Van Lin-Shutena. This is the best time to share a meal. Do you (your parents or grandparents) have Kalmyk tea in the morning? What types of tea do the members of your family like?

East India trade campaign opens London tea auction (which still exists). 1).: Tell me, please, what tearoom do you like to visit most of all? This is a typical advertising in the newspaper at that time: «This is an excellent and recommended by Chinese doctors drink called Chinese Tcha, by other nations Tay, and also known as Tea. To be as good as a chocolate teapot - to be completely useless (to be absolutely useless) The new diet you've advised me is as good as a chocolate teapot.

The object of my research is the tea traditions of England. In the center of London there is the company store Twinings. History OF THE english TEA.

Do you prefer to make tea or use tea bags? Tea bushes grow in England for a long time - but only for decorative or scientific purposes. Capsule sealed and supplied with a trademark has been done to protect their products from counterfeiting.