How i love you more than that

But regardless of the reasons for your lack of self-love, its time to start caring for yourself and treating yourself with the love you deserve. Invest in discovering what you believe, value, and like. I just love being with you.

When's the last time you said something like this to your partner? You are my best friend.

You are the one person that youll always be with; the person who will be there through thick and thin; the person who knows you best. I love you more than a tornado loves a mobile home park. And to remind you and your partner what it was like when you two met, and you each thought the other was the bee's knees. I love you more than searching the Internet.

Being happy just means I need to have you by my side. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You have value just as you are and accepting yourself means theres no need for comparisons.

Are you busy, busy, busy? I love you more than an excellent cup of coffee in the morning.

Because aging gets everyone down. Make fun a priority. Drowning in your love is a death more beautiful than living a life without your love. Expressing love often is a good thing!

No matter what, Ill keep choosing you, because I love you. Its impossible to love yourself if you dont even know who you are.

And thats a lot. And bless u Brian McKay!

Just try saying this without meaning. I love you more than there are stars on a starry night.

Asamoah on August 14, 2016: i love this message David on January 16, 2014: well i had some things happen that cause me to lose focus on the girl i love. I love you more than anything. I love for you is endless, sweetheart. I love you more than anything in the universe and outside.

Shakes Indicingile on October 31, 2018: What is love? Dont neglect it or cancel because you have too much work to do or your kiddo needs help with his history report. Without taking some risks, youll never truly know what love.