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25 Morgan Jeffery of Digital Spy wrote, "As a piece of Saturday night entertainment , it works  packed full of strong performances, stunning visuals and sharp dialogue. On this "stuck" Earth (with all of time happening at once) Amy takes the Doctor to Area 52, a pyramid base where the Silence are contained in water-filled cells and Madame Kavorian is held hostage. 20 It was given an Appreciation Index of 86, placing it in the "excellent" category. "Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat to 'rest' Daleks".

Who' finale scores highest AI figure". He referred to the many concepts of the episode as a "sumptuous confection made mostly out of the finest ingredients" and found the Teselecta resolution a "cool twist" at first, but it meant "the whole episode is just. Doctor Who 'The Wedding of River Song' recap".

The Doctor marries River on the spot and whispers to her to look into his eye. "BBC One - Doctor Who, Series 6 - the Fourth Dimension".

Doctor Who News Page. 27 IGN 's Matt Risley rated "The Wedding of River Song".5 out of 10, writing it "managed to tie together plot threads and character arcs without too much Deus Ex Maguffiny predictability and with a whole host of trademark sci-fi spectacle to boot".

Archived from the original on 17 December 2012. 33 References edit "One Programmes  Doctor Who, Series 6, The Wedding of River Song". The episode was watched by a total.67 million viewers in the. I think, i might start doing it this way for the, christmas, special!

He then requests that River allow him to prevent the universe's destruction. A b c d Hickman, Clayton (2011).

She refuses, and they end up in an alternative timeline where all of time is running simultaneously and beginning to disintegrate. "Why This Year's Doctor Who Finale Was (Mostly) Better than Last Year's". 10 Moffat said of the reference, "In a story about the Doctor going to his death, it seemed right and proper to acknowledge one of the greatest losses Doctor Who has endured." 10 Moffat has confirmed that the eye.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Phipps, Keith. "Doctor Who Finale Behind the Scenes Series 6 Today".

Marnix, van, den, broeke, charles, dickens, simon. 22 Critical reception edit The episode received mostly positive reviews from critics, with some reservations over the resolution and character interactions. And as the resolution to a series-long arc, it's mostly satisfactory  though the episode poses as many questions as it answers." 26 Dave Golder of SFX gave the episode four-and-a-half out of five stars, explaining that. Later, when it's revealed what he had actually said, it's a whole sentence with five syllables.

Retrieved "The Wedding of River Song". 19 Final consolidated figures by the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board were.67 million viewers, the seventh highest for BBC One and the second most-watched programme for 1 October.

Moffat, producer, marcus, wilson, director, jeremy, webb. Retrieved 10 December 2012. 23 Rachel Tarley, writing for Metro, praising the "gripping race" against time and noting that the script was "snappy and witty throughout, but the episode had its eerie and touching moments where necessary, too". The Doctor comes to Lake Silencio, Utah to meet his death by a younger version of River, who is being forced to kill the Doctor in the automated space suit contrived by the Silence.

It also pays tribute to the classic series character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart following the death of the character's actor Nicholas Courtney. In fact, all time seems to be occurring all at once. Retrieved 10 November 2012. A b c d e f Burk, Graeme; Smith?, Robert.