I was going to be a doctor but

I am sure he won't get the job. Hmm, I think I will become a doctor!

We came in here where it is easy to give gas for the pains. I've got a nose bleed. We were going to minneapolis to see a heart doctor.

My throat is sore /s / / I've got a sore throat. I am aching to be free. She was a Miss Jewell, and she was going to marry a doctor.

I am going to be a doctor

We were going to be married. We meant to come a long time ago, grandma, but today Ulita sent a messenger to say the doctor had been here and uncle was going to die, if not to-day, then surely to-morrow.

I think I will be rich one day if I work hard. My nose is itchy. No, I was going to say that if we were to become close friends, then I think it would be best for me to stop as your doctor.

It was never going to be a gun for you, Doctor, the man of peace who understands every kind of warfare, except, perhaps, the cruellest. I am proud to find I have the air of one, returns Allan; but I am only a sea-going doctor. My knee /n i/ is swollen.

The doctor prescribed new pills and she's starting ballet classes. But I'm a pediatric doctor, so I'm going to and this off.

Phillips, who specializes in spooky things. I have a problem with. The Doctor's going to materialise around the Master's Tardis. I've got high blood /bl d/ pressure.

Billy, who do you want to be in the future? Planning on going to Tennessee State next year. To my mind, he is not clever enough.