Lead the team or led the team

These alternatives include a staff engineer, distinguished engineer or fellow engineer. Expectancy theory from Victor Vroom suggests that if you can: Set your teams understanding about what is expected of them Set what the rewards will be for meeting or exceeding that expectation and deliver those rewards Offer incentives that they.

Second, you need to ensure that each team member regardless of rank or position understands how this change impacts them and what is required of them for productive implementation. Volunteer to present on the project updates. Encouraging openness is a must and can truly make a difference in morale.

There is a saying that states Be the change that you want to see, we can adapt that to this discussion by saying Be the leader that you would want to lead you. First, you need to communicate what the change is and why it is necessary for the company to continue to be successful. Goals organize and direct our attention by necessity. Take on more responsibilities during difficult projects.

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Before the game, the US team coach Herb Brooks read his players a statement he had written out on a piece of paper, telling them that You were born to be a player. He could have easily had a personal supply train providing him with food and all the comforts of home, but he didn't. These are very senior technical roles, but no one reports to them as they would to a manager. But if you can offer criticism or disagreement in a manner that allows them to save face, theyll be much more willing to cooperate and work with you.

And fourth, over communicate consistently during this time and get feedback. Is a deal in time for quarterly postings a key objective, or do your team members find it most important to avoid looking bad in front of superiors? Delivering projects on time is one of the core responsibilities of any leader. This leads us to our next item 2) Praise improvement, even minor improvements.

And dont forget that leadership is about people, so genuinely help people grow and do their best job. And while you can't always be in the trenches side-by-side with your team members, making a conscious effort to do so periodically goes a long way. Create the norm that asking someone to repeat themselves is not offensive, especially when it comes to a heavy accent. You can have all the processes and procedures memorized, have all the certifications, be an expert in all the technical tools, and list out all the terminology without skipping a beat.

At least nobody saw him stressed out. The team appreciated that. I try to constantly study the art of leadership and have drawn many comparisons from my time in the Navy seal teams to my experiences as an entrepreneur leading a growing company.