Replugged love sees no colour

(where we at) They holdin? S do it (kid) Got me runnin through the game with my vest and my best shooters (who? S next) Best of event VVS and best ya jewellers (new year) Nigga outta lame ya shit, gets chewed up (get em) And im tryna kill the pain with like two sluts (what?

S apple pie of course you want a slice (yup) Now how u gon? S chilly nights (that? S a problem tryna take that from me, cuz im packin heavy metal uhhuh (Jim Jones) I hear the streets talking funny (shit) So I laugh (haha) tell em keep talking funny (keep talking funny) Imma keep talking money (yup) And all different types (what).

S right) And we was hungry nauseas for a bite But if the world? T love me no more, cuz, i? Hood talkin bout they don?

M talking bout life (yup) It was Sunday to Sunday on New York? S a problem tryna take that from me Cuz im packin heavy metal uhhuh Heard somebody speak my name, but death was next to it (pray for me) My next breath was let?

(where) And where does that leave us? T love me no more Cuz I? S everything, but that thang can break your crew up (true stills) Where did love go?

T need me no more, cuz a mu? Fucka push that GT, it? M out here getting this bread, tryna get my Momma a crib, tryna get up out the ghetto, now how the.

T a thang to I blew up (what) Then money? Fucka push that GT It? M out here getting this bread Tryna get my Momma a crib Tryna get up out the ghetto How the Hood talkin bout they don?

S up baby) Use to say money ain? Grudges on how they receive us (fa sho) And show the judges on how they perceive us Hate to see a thug Nigga whip the forein features (ballin) Secretary?

S that Condoleza (yup) Cash first, secondary we use the visa (uh huh) Blast first, never worry about police cuffs (nope) Ya either leave us or you free us I need money! Now how u gon? Sees, nO, colour (EP).

S jet flying time (clear-port) And we so thorough we the set fly or die (Dip Set) The bitches funny I? S a problem tryna take that from me Cuz I? Tell me you don? U96, love, sees, no, colour 03:48, u96, lOVE.