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Master Full-time 2 years English Campus Master in Electric Power and Electrical Engineering Featured Read More Pskov State University Pskov, Russia Graduates of this program have the competence to perform scientific research and to solve practical problems in the field. Full-time 2 years English Campus Page 1 of 4 TIP! The program itself is very extensive, and students will have to devote their time fully to the study process.

Home actual articles 01, march 2018, misis, russian engineering universities are known for their quality of education. UniRank tries to answer this question by publishing the 2021, russian, university, ranking of 375, russian higher-education institutions meeting the following uniRank selection criteria: being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate. Full-time 2 years English Campus MSc Ballistics and Aerodynamics Featured Read More bauman Moscow State Technical University Moscow, Russia The department SM-3 "Dynamics and control of missile flight" provides training for masters in the direction.24.03 "Ballistics and hydroaerodynamics direction "Flight cont. Featured Photonics and quantum materials are among the most important areas of modern science and technology.

An engineering specialist will be able not only to work bugs out of machine tools and other equipment and to set them up but also to design equipment with necessary functions required for production. Full-time 2 years English Campus Master of Science in Space and Engineering Systems Featured Read More The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) Moscow, Russia This program combines the study of the general principles of complex engineering system construction. MBA and, qS, leap. Theyve recently launched an international campaign abroad, aiming to attract around 150,000 foreign students every year.

Full-time 2 years Russian Online Campus Combined Campus Online Master in Advanced Materials Science / Construction Nanomaterials Featured Read More Belgorod National Research University Belgorod, Russia The Advanced Materials Science / Construction nanomaterials Master program is focused on the. The program is created to prepare the next generation of researchers, engineers, and practitioners to assume a role of technical leadership in research and innovation of high-tech sector.

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If these tuition fees are still too high for you, check out some Russian universities that offer free or lower tuition fees (under 2,100 EUR/academic year Best Medical schools in Russia Tuition fees range between 3,000 9,000 EUR/academic year. There are also many technical universities and engineering schools in Russia that enjoy a global reputation in their disciplines. Full-time 2 years English Campus Master of Science in Photonics and Quantum Materials Featured Read More The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) Moscow, Russia Photonics and quantum materials are among the most important areas of modern science and technology. Here are some of the best universities in Russia, according to these prestigious rankings: Tuition fees at Russian universities Tuition fees at these higher education institutions vary between 1,700 - 6,000 EUR/academic year, with only a few programmes costing more than 10,000 EUR.

Master Full-time 2 years Russian Campus Master of Science in Materials Science Featured Read More The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) Moscow, Russia Modern industry is in great need of professionals in materials science, ready to develop. Our MSc program provides world-class education and research in photonics.

Prev, next, add comment, about, us, universities, services. Medical degrees are very popular among Asian students who decide to study abroad in Russia. Russia is making impressive efforts to attract students like you.

Engineering, featured, read, more, samara, university, samara, Russia. Petersburg Polytechnic University Saint Petersburg, Russia The program is tailored to BSc graduates who wish to deepen their knowledge of physics and who are looking to pursue a research career within a university, industrial or resea. The preeminent institution is, lomonosov, moscow, state, university (MSU firmly ranked among the 100 best universities in the world.

In Russia, you can become an expert in any of these subdisciplines without breaking the bank. It will be led by international and Russian scholars and experts who are forming the current agenda for smart city development in Russia and worldwide. Full-time 2 years English Campus Master in Technological Machinery and Equipment Featured Read More Ural Federal University Yekaterinburg, Russia The main goal of the program is to provide students with a high-quality basic education in mechanical engineering.

We believe that a synergy between the traditionally strong "scientific school" and extensive international mobility and collaboration is at the heart of the great number of successful stories of our students. But what makes these schools stand out from the rest?

Being one of the leaders in the field of synchrotron-based techniques we offer over students to participate in real experiments and do internships at world-leading synchrotron radiation sources in Russia and Europe. Of course, the benefits they enjoy are also available to you.