New success at first certificate

Fill spaces 1-15 with these words. The people had vanished. Say what kind of people might not enjoy living in these surroundings, and why not. Your friend is about to drink some unboiled water.

The dog followed him and climbed JiI! Who likes to be independent? His name was Frankie Howerd.

For example, consumer opinion is changing itself, as more people refuse to fur products. T hat week) aa the b It, theytthem 4 He asked her 10come.

It also seems that the danger of shoplifting in such shops is not as great as in department stores. A It is much colder.

Expected Adam had _ less attractive. 7 He did the job very badly.

Readinead extracts 1 and 2 below from a tourist brochure and underline all the words you think should not be there. Use only the will do form or the is/are doing form; for example, is the first answer Will you do or Are you doing? Took It write his book. It has a marvellous swimming pool.

18 She said to the tourists Please dont take photographs in the museum. Eva was just about to get out of the car when the avalanche occurred. And there she was, looking (14 a man who seemed more like a film (15 than a property developer.

Course My sister is at university. I You were careless.