My itunes music will not play

Signing out of the App Store helped me and prevented the Music app from crashing. This issue was later fixed in the update to iOS.4.1.

Seeing Not Signed into Apple Music message? Reconnect Bluetooth device. Accepting these terms sometimes fixes your Apple Music problem Go to Settings Music and turn off Show Apple Music Wait 20-30 seconds and toggle Show Apple Music back on If that didnt work, turn off Show Apple Music.

If songs are still greyed out, Open Podcasts app and confirm to allow explicit content. Sign back in, and see if Apple Music is now working If even this doesn't work, you might need to contact Apple. Then test to see if you still have an issue Close the Music App and any other apps that play music Reset your networks settings If unable to play explicit content music? There are several ways to fix, apple, music if it's not playing.

Apple Music plays fine on my phone and iPad.

Go to Settings Screen Time Content and Restrictions uncheck Restrictions. It should pop up when you open Podcasts Try offloading (or deleting) the Music app and then reinstalling it For iPadOS and iOS 13 Library sync or empty issues, restore iPhone using iTunes or Finder backup Related Posts Recently Reported Apple.

Somewhat annoyingly, iTunes won't play the video for the music videos while AirPlay speakers are. These services include Apple Music, Apple Music Radio and Beats 1 Radio and iTunes Match, so check that these services are indeed available in your current country.

I unplugged my USB device and plugged it back in and now my music's playing fine. Open the App Store application, click on your picture and Sign Out. Open the iPhone or iPad's Settings app and tap "General then tap "Reset" near the bottom of the next page. Steven john/Business Insider First, make sure you have a good connection.

AND the Music app didnt crash anymore. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Try each of the steps below and check between each step to see if it works for you. But sometimes this feature doesnt work!