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Domestic animal pictures Facts about Domestic Animals 9: chicken One of the most widely distributed domesticated animals is chicken. Goat lives in mountains as well as in fields.

Animal Sounds to Learn and Animal Sounds by Man Videos. Camel Single Hump Camel Two Hump Camel Camels Caravan Camel Video Camel in Indian Languages Hindi (Oont) Bengali (Ua) Tamil (Oakam) Kannada (Oe) Marathi (Ua) Talking Points 3-4 yrs Camel has tall legs and a long neck. Donkey is smaller than a horse.

Thank you for reading our blog on domestic animals. The goat has at least 300 different breeds. Llamas communicate by humming. Rabbit has large ears and a small tail.

Rabbits are in white, black, brown colours etc. (iii) A _ guards our homes (iv) A cat keeps the _ away. Domestic animal Facts about Domestic Animals 5: wool Wool is one of the important products taken from sheep.

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It eats grass, plants, fruits, vegetables etc. (iii) Name two animals that are used to give you joy rides. A yak makes Moo sound.

Llama White Llama Llama Llama Llama Group Llama Video Llama in Indian Languages Hindi (Laama) Bengali Tamil (Poti oakam) Kannada (Lm) Marathi (Lm) Talking Points 3-4 yrs Llamas body is covered with wool. Cows skin is used to make bags, shoes, belt, wallet etc. They also communicate with their tails, ears and body postures.

A male sheep is called a ram, female sheep is called a ewe. Llamas fleece is used to make clothing and it is also an excellent guard animal.

They are excellent for retrieving, guarding or even as a pet. Quick Learning of Animal Loudest Noise for Little Babies Videos.