X-hot detect after flashing error

Set it to "with battery". Next ROM(pgpt m_begin_addr(0x ) Meaning: The firmware has a partition that wasn't included while backing up the firmware.

Meaning that preloader would be the last thing you'll select * If that doesn't work, open and modify the scatter file using Notepad then change "boundary_check: True" to "boundary_check: False" * If after modifying the scatter file and you still. (0x8) Meaning: The size of a file is larger than the available / possible partition size Solution: * Ensure that the file(s) you're trying to flash are actually for your exact phone model * Try another stock. All you need to do is connect the phone to a computer (via a USB cord) or power source and leave it to charge for some time.

(0x3) Message: brom error? Consider using the latest version of Sp Flash tool * Format the phone before trying to flash the file(s) again Error: 0xC0050003 Message: brom error: status_download_exception (0xC0050003) Meaning: There was an interruption during writing to one or more partitions. Use MTK droid tools version.3.0 to backup usrdata cache or copy then from the clockworkmod backup Phone shows white screen, strange colors or divided screen after flashing Message: You can see the phone responding to buttons. Solution: * Ensure you're using the ROM for the exact phone model * Try a higher version of SP flash tool * Ensure to install the correct drivers for the phone on the PC Error 2004 Message: brom error : S_FT_download_fail.

Error 6010 Message: brom error: SP flashtool error 6010 code download forbidden Meaning: The phone has a protected bootloader Solution: Untick Preloader and flash the rest Error: 0xFDA Message: brom error: S_FT_GET_memory_fail (0xFDA) Meaning: SP Flash tool encountered an error. FIX, bROM, errors, aND, hOW, tO, fIX.

Does anyone know what this means?

Meaning: SP flash tool is having difficulty communicating with the device Solution: * Change the USB-port * Run SP flash tool as Admin * Ensure to install the correct drivers * Try another PC and USB cord. Tips to speed things up * Remove the battery Connect the phone to a charger without battery inside Slot in the battery while the phone is still connected to the charger * You could keep pressing the Volume. Error 6012 Message: brom error: (6012 MSP error code: 0X00 Meaning: The Download-Agent being used is incompatible with the phone Solution: * Set Download-Agent to MTK_AllInOne_n Error 1042 Message: brom error: S_timeout (1042) Meaning: The flashing process took too. If that doesn't work, keep holding down the volume decrease button just before connecting the phone to PC for flashing (you could try volume increase, power volume decrease or power volume increase).

(0x3) Meaning: SP Flash tool encountered an error maintaining a connection to the device during flashing Solution * Reinstall the vcom drivers * Try a different PC and USB Cord PRO_info: Failed to get PMT info Message: PRO_info. (2) Meaning: SP Flash tool was unable to communicate with the phone Solution: * Try using a different PC (preferably Windows 7 or lower) * Install the correct vcom drivers for your PC's OS and architecture. Just leave it to keep charging before powering. Solution * Use SP Flash Tool.1516.00 @ download * Ensure to select the right Download-Agent * Navigate to Options Option Download and untick DA DLL All.

Use the Format all Download option * Hold both volume buttons before connecting to the PC for flashing and release once flashing begins Error 5007 Message: brom error : S_fthnd_file_IS_NOT_loaded_YET (5007) Meaning: You're trying to flash an item with. Don't use the checkbox beside "Name" in SP flash tool Error 0xFC0 Message: brom error : S_FT_enable_dram_fail (0xFC0) Meaning: The firmware you're trying to flash is either not compatible with your device or you have selected the wrong flashing. Please check the scatter file name you load is legal Meaning: SP Flash tool doesn't accept the name format of your scatter file Solution: * Ensure the scatter file wasn't renamed.

It could take up to two hours but once the phone is revived, your battery could read as low. SP Flash Tool force-closes when scatter file is loaded Message: SP Flash tool automatically closes after selecting a scatter file Meaning: SP Flash Tool doesn't support the scatter file due to its blocks or configuration Solution: * Open the.

Consider using the latest version of Sp Flash tool * Format the phone before trying to flash the file(s) again Error 5056 Message: brom error : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_space (5069) Meaning: The size of a file is larger than the available. Consider using the latest version of Sp Flash tool * Format the phone before trying to flash the file(s) again Error 0XFA8 Message: brom error: S_FT_download_fail (0XFA8) Meaning: SP Flash tool encountered an error while attempting.