If you love me i dare you to kiss me

It was a little graphic but not too intense/gory either. Xun Ran (Wang Kai) was a good second lead but the drama never really gave him a chance to be a serious romantic threat to Bo Jin Yan. I especially liked it when Jin Yan does his criminal analysis because it's so interesting to listen. If you love me, I'm sorry I need to feel this magic, come on!

She's pretty, and yet she gives off a girl next door vibe, complementing Bo Jin Yan (Wallace) fabulously. All the leads had a backstory as well, lending more depth to the story, making the drama come more to life. That said, this drama was fantastic in all respects so I recommend it to everyone. In that respect, this drama did a great job because it kept me on my toes.

I have high expectations for mystery/crime dramas since, i watch a lot of, american mystery/crime shows, like, nCIS, which is super famous in the, states. I actually didn't guess the ultimate Big Bad so I was shocked when the twist came out.

If you love me, don't worry I cannot stop your rhythm of love! Wallace lives and breathes his role as Bo Jin Yan. I wouldn't recommend this if you don't like romance intertwined with crime scene investigations. The cinematography was gorgeous as well, the fish eye lenses were a cool touch, and I loved the car, Andy.

There was a lot of orchestral music which was a nice change from usual dramas. Nevertheless, I admired his dedication and willpower as a cop- his acting was also spot. I recommend this drama if you're into suspense, crime scene investigations, and lots of romance.

This drama didn't drag that much; rather, it went by quickly in 24 episodes. Their bromance was fun to watch and a good comedic relief from the serious tone of the crime investigations. Overall 10, story 10, acting/Cast 10, music.0, rewatch, value.0, amazing performance. Wow, this drama seriously impressed.

He's adorably awkward when it comes to romance, and level-headed when it comes to his job as a criminal psychologist. In a way, their relationship reminds me of Edward and Bella from Twilight- cool, seemingly emotionless male lead and sensitive yet observant female lead that brings the warmth out of the male lead. So high-tech, and hilarious-Andy's like part of the cast! He loves to eat fish so much that it was part of the storyline-kind of cute.

I think Sandra was the perfect cast actually. I will most definitely re-watch this and so far this is my favorite Chinese drama! Wallace also plays his 'split personality very well, showing that he's a versatile actor.

There's a wolf that preys on a world that strays, so far from the, garden (Oh and just like your own, every heart you know, seems cold and hardened (Oh you may not have the stage, but you still have. The cases flowed well together and connected with one another, each case spanning around four episodes, and led up to the Big Bad storyline. I loved Zi Yu (Andrew Yin he is the ultimate best friend. The cases were interesting and not too predictable.

The music kept me barely breathing in lots of suspenseful moments so it definitely did its job! It starts rapidly speeding up after around three episodes.

(10/9.75) Was this review helpful to you? The beginning was a bit slow but it was needed to set up the story. Every case was drastically different so it didn't get boring. The style in this drama is different- more high-tech, gory, and psychological.

In my opinion, they have great chemistry and Bo Jin Yan's cheesy lines were hilarious. If you love, don't worry If you love me, I'm sorry, yeah.