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This should mask flickering LOD, and fix some other things. Version.7 Reverted the removal of TFAmericaRandoThoughts xx9463D1 Alterd the TFWildWastelandEnablefunction to undo the removal of the TFRiDeathClawCaveEnabler function Version.6 Added dialogue topic change in TFScavAllenDia06 from hotfix.5.1 Added dialogue topic change in TFScavAllenDia02 from hotfix.5.1 Added dialogue.

Load order: Fallout The Frontier Unofficial m should be directly below The. This is not compatible with Fallout: The Frontier.5.0 and later. Voss' Sub-Sonic Assault Rifle" Removed a few more instances of NPC from weapon names The Designated Marksman's Rifle now has an animated charging handle that will move during the reload animation Adjusted the #SightingNode of the Magnum Rifle. Henderson to stop moving at the gate of the NCR base during "A Bridge Too Far" (Thanks to CKDarth and smiity935 for pointing this out!) Fix missing scro basic script data flag in TFLegionSideQuest4 Fix missing scro basic script data.

You will need to seek permission from these authors before you can use their assets Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances Modification permission You must get permission. A separate version of Fallout: The Frontier Unofficial Patch may be made for the current release later on, after official support has dropped. Johnnygun Battle Rifle longer range shooting, Johnnygun Heavy inaccurate supressive fire) The HK Light Rifle is no longer a static mesh, and sports an animated charging handle and ejection port Edited the Shell Casing node of the HK Light. Download: Current section, about this mod, this is an unofficial patch for people running the original version of the frontier, which adds most if not all bugfixes while retaining the cut content.

Requirements, dLC requirements, dLC name, dead, money. Voss's Sub-Sonic Assault Rifle" to "Dr.

Fixed missing projectile in TFWeapRiderThrowingSpear Fixed missing Shoot3d sound in tfocrusaderSniperRifle Fixed missing Shoot2d sound in tfocrusaderSniperRifle Version.2 Fixed TFCutTheAddictionsBE base effect in TFWithdrawalNukaPerfect Actor Effect Fixes many script reference issues with TFQ2WelcometotheFrontier Fixes many script reference issues with TFQ3RudeAwakeningScript. Voss's Glove" to "Dr.

Honest, hearts, old, world, blues, lonesome, road. What tfup does, is it adds most if not all fixes from the latest/future builds of The Frontier while not cutting any content. Credit to Scott Clam for originally making.

Installation instructions: Download the unofficial patch and install it with a mod manager of your choice. This way, we can experience the best of both worlds.

If a message pops up in the console (After loading a save/making a new game) that says "Fallout: The Frontier Unofficial Patch:.2 Has Loaded Successfully you have installed the patch properly. "Frontline Machine Gun (Camo - "Frontline Machine Gun, Camo Renamed "Covert Sniper" to "Covert Sniper Rifle" Renamed "Hanged Man's Covert Sniper" to "Hanged Man's Covert Sniper Rifle" The.45 Auto Thompson SMG now uses ReloadL instead of ReloadI; this should. Voss' Cosmic Knife" Renamed "Dr. Voss' Glove" Renamed "Voss' Cosmic Knife" to "Dr.

It's also known info that many of us have decided to hold onto our "uncensored" version of The Frontier due to this. Thanks to FilmJolk for giving permission to include this into the Unofficial Patch Decompressed the ESM so it will (in theory) load ever so slightly faster (Copied from the Frontier Weapon Tweaks and Fixes page as all. Creation, engine, with all of the original quests, story and content, with additional gameplay elements and systems from the new and improved engine! Fallout 4: New, vegas aims to recreate, obsidian, entertainment's, fallout: New, vegas in, fallout 4's.

Compatibility: This should be compatible with nearly every mod that has/will release for The Frontier. Gun, runners arsenal, courier's, stash Mods requiring this file Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points Changelogs Version.2 Fixed script Removed the alteration of TFScavSeductressMessage and a few other altered/censored messages Version.1 I have verified it is 100.