Nurse duties and responsibility

An, rN assesses patients health problems and needs, develops and executes nursing care plans , and upholds medical records. Registered nurses work in different areas of the healthcare sector, including hospitals, clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers, outpatient and mental health facilities, ambulatory care centers, and private physicians clinics. Between 20, the BLS projects 12 growth in the industry.

Related: Operating Room Nurse Resume Particular duties of an operating room nurse include: Operating Room Nurse Duties and Responsibilities Preoperative Duties of an Operating Room Nurse Assess patients in need of surgery for skin color and body temperature Determine patients. They possess excellent critical thinking and quick decision-making skills.

However, income may vary greatly in this profession depending on location and specialty. To lay out the trolley according to operation list.

Annexure-, iV of,. While working as a nurse requires an individual to perform many duties that are part of the overall job description of a registered nurse, there are some specialties of those working in operating rooms. To check all electrical points, pipe line 02, in built suckers for proper working condition. Work Environment The profession of a registered nurse comes along with major responsibilities.

She also act as de facto sister as and when situation arises in the ward or department. She will provide direct supervision over patient care by the Students in her ward.

Registered nurse duties vary per the areas of their expertise, although they all require the same basic certification.

To count all instruments and mops before closing the wounds. To keep ready emergency drugs, fluids, equipments, Boyles apparatus and other necessary gadgets.

There are three settings that an operating room nurse needs to work in; preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative phases of patients surgical experiences. To carry out the instructions of the sister-in-charge as allocated by her. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS the registered nursing profession will grow quickly in the coming years.

Duties and Responsibilities of an RN The day-to-day duties and responsibilities of an RN revolve around four main areas, often described as the metapardigm of nursing : person-centered care, managing the environment in which care is delivered, looking after. To conduct normal delivery and provide care to the new born.

She will help ward sister in indenting and checking of drugs, supplies and maintaining inventories. Sister in her absence. You may have to work on weekends, holidays, and even during night shifts.

To maintain Log book properly. Labour Room Management.