Mizon white sleeping mask 50ml

No worry for wash off sleeping pack. Volume : 50ml x 3pcs Directions Apply at the last stage of skin care at night. Pros of Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask: Gel-like texture. Overall, this is just a basic sleeping pack that also works well.

For me, it smells like coconut candy, which is absolutely delicious by the way! Apart from that my skin is fine with very few wrinkles, so, i was really keen to do something about. The product comes in a blue, easy-to-squeeze tube.

Placental protein, natto gum, and sclerotium gum form thin coating film to perfectly protect skin from harmful environments and prevent skin from being rough and sensitive. The sleeping mask is white in colour and has a gel-like texture. It also says it has a lavender smell to induce sleep since it is a sleeping pack, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why I could smell coconut more than the lavender note. It could be due to the gel-like texture that it doesnt feel too heavy on the skin.

Clear skin: moisturizing sleeping mask that works overnight to help correcting the look of skin, leaving it more radiant, translucent and hydrated.

Forming moisture protect coat Glycerin/ hyaluronic acid/ Biosaccharidegum-1 Glycerin, which is effective for moisturizing, hyaluronic acid and bio macromolecule ingredients form gentle moisture protect coat and prevent from moisture evaporating. In order for it to be more efficient, I try avoiding putting a thick night cream on the spots beforehand.

More effective from 10 pm to 2 am when skin reconstruction is active. It takes a while for it to get into the skin if you already have layers of skincare underneath, but I dont use a heavy moisturizer because of my combination skin, so I had no problem with absorption. Spread all over the face and sleep without wash-off. I picked the tube packaging because it is more convenient and hygienic than the tub packaging.

Imbb Rating:.5/5 Would I Repurchase Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask? Highly suitable for oily skin and for every skin type in summer.

It is best suitable for oily skin with its light and gel-like texture. . It must be used as a last step in the skincare routine and it has been advised to use it 2 to 3 times a week for best results. My advice is: be patient!

Grams, date, first, available : 17, january 2019, manufacturer : Mizon, aSIN : B00N7L75A2. It gets absorbed but while rinsing it off in the morning, I could feel the product getting washed off.

Just be patient, january 11, 2019, i had two dark spots on one cheek. Would you visit your shopping cart now?

Though this was just 50 ml, it had lasted long for. I think this product has been the best in order to achieve some obvious results. Makes your skin bright and clean. It is not like other sleeping packs which stay as a layer on the skin.